WYJ 型頭盔微光觀察鏡

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            WYJ 型頭盔微光觀察鏡 
            ■ 配有紅外發光二極管作輔助光源 
            ■ 放大率:1倍 ■ 視場:38° 
            ■ 物鏡調焦范圍:250豪米~無窮遠 
            ■ 目鏡視度調節范圍:-5~+2屈光度 
            ■ 工作電壓:3伏直流(采用標準5號電池) 
            ■ 重量:0.6公斤 ■ 有效視距:280米 
            產品優點︰ WYJ型頭盔微光觀察鏡


            ? Various near infrared,low light level and far infrared snooperscope are used in pupil security ,the armed police,customhouse,frontier and safeguard for night partrol and investigation as well as in the bank,national treasury and the stores of antiques and other treasures for night monitoring .the night vision technology is also an important tool for many sectors such as satellite remote sensing ,weak star observing ,recording of plant growth at night researching of animal habits and characteristics at night,surveying the seabed resources, underwater monitoring of offshore petroleum platform,ocean fishing etc.
            ? In a ward, you can do nothing night without the snooperscope.

            ? 配有紅外發光二級管作輔助光源
            ? 放大率:1倍
            ? 視場:38°
            ? 調焦范圍:250毫米~無窮遠
            ? 視度調節范圍:-5 ~+2屈光度
            ? 分辨率:≤1.59毫弧度
            ? 電壓:3伏直流(采用標準5號電池)
            ? 重量:0.6公斤
            ? WYJ Low light level goggle
            ? With an infrared light emitting diode as an auxiliary light source
            ? Magnification:1× 
            ? Field of view : 38°
            ? Objective focusing range:250 mm to infinity
            ? Eyepiece diopter range: +2 to -5diopters
            ? Resolution: ≤1.59mard
            ? Weight:0.6kg
            ? Operating voltage:3V DC(use battery No.5)