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Youth empowerment

Youths all over the world account for the most vibrant,energetic and production segment of the population which should be harnessed properly to contribute to the development of the society.
  There are youth empowerment skills which are capabilities, abilities or special competence which youth have in special discipline may be practical theoretical or managerial. Youth should endeavour to acquire some of the following skills so that they can be better individuals who can contribute to the development of the society

Communication skills

Intellectual skills

Artistic skills

Self-esteem skills

Manipulative skills

Life coping skills

Some the importance of youth empowerment skills are

  1. It is a source of income which enable youths to break away from poverty 
  2. It makes us responsible people which can make us perform our duties and obligations to the society.
  3. It helps youths to make good use of their time instead of them to be idle 
  4. It prepares youth for future challenges weather financially intellectually or socially 
  5. Through youth empowerment people can discover their talent abilities and gifts.

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