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Human Rights

Human rights are privileges inherent to all human beings,whatever the nationality,place of residence,sex,national or ethnic origin,colour,religion,language,or any other status.Human rights are basic to society.fundamental human right are written in the constitution of each country found in the world.

     Characteristics of human rights

Inheritability and non prescription of human rights
Universality ofbhuman rights
Particularity of human rights
Relativity of human rights
Inalienability of human rights
Fundamentalism of human rights
Interdependence, interrelatatedness and indivisibility of human rights
Constitutionalism of human rights
Equal and non discriminatory
Human rights are both rights and obligations
Expansively of human rights 

There are instances where these fundamental human rights can be limited or restrained.This can happen in war, state of emergency being declared,law of trespass ...etc.

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