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Cultism in Nigeria

 Pyrate confraternity was the first secret cult formed in Nigeria by a group of students namely whole Soyinka,Ralph Opara,Sylvanus Egbuchie,Nathaniel Oyelola,Pius Oleghe,Olumuyilwa Awe,AIG Imakhuede..etc.In 1952 in the university of Ibadan.It was formed in good faith to fight colonialism,tyranny and oppression of students by school authorities.

Government policies on cultism

  1.  Enacting enabling laws proscribing cultism and other secret societies
  2. Newly admitted students are made to take oath not to belong to any secret cult
  3. Prosecution and sentencing to jail terms those found guilty and of any cult related activities.
  4. Public enlightenment campaign against cultism
  5. Government enhanced security presence in schools and colleges 

Names of some popular cult group
Pyrate confraternity
Eiye confraternity (National association of air lords)
Supreme vikings
Black Axe
Klu klu Klan (k.k.k)
Black queens
Daughters of Jezebel
The Maphites
Black scorpions
The vikings
The Trojan horse...etc

Members of cult are called cultists. They have signs and symbols which are used to represent their group.

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