Champions League: Arsenal wins yet another match

Arsenal continues to marvel it's fans as it's defeats FC Basel and obtains a neat three points at their first game against the team in the Champions League.

Following the defeat of one of English Premier League giants,Chelsea,Arsenal won the match against FC Basel which was a surprise to the club fans not because they won but because the two wining goals scored throughout the match were through the footworks of  Theo Walcott with assits from Alexis Sanchez.

Theo Walcott has been a subject of discussion as the winger has been putting up his best performance in the recent weeks and this is the first time ever the player scored two goals in a Champions League match.After the the match Theo Walcott went ahead to praise his teammates for their high level of cooperation. 

30 Common Acronyms and Their Meaning

In our everyday dealings, we make use of at least two acronyms we do not know and do not bother to know what they actually mean, many of us even come across some in movies but just overlook them.

You wouldn't want to feel embarrassed when a young fellow asks you for the meaning of an acronym you made mention of and you are not able to give a correct reply.

Stick to this write-up to know the meaning to those acronyms you make use of.

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
MIA - Missing In Action
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
DOA - Dead On Arrival
OTC - Over The Counter
FYI - For Your Information
SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle
CRV - Comfortable Runabout Vehicle
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
BAE - Before Anyone Else
SD card - Secure Data card
UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
MTV - Music Television
JIT - Just In Time
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
AWOL - Absent Without Leave
KIT - Keep In Touch
USB - Universal Serial Bus
PPV - Pay Per View
BTW - By The Way
ATM - Automated Teller Machine
NYOB - None of Your Business
ISBN - International Standard Book Number
PIN - Personal Identification Number
RSVP - Répondez S'il Vous Plaît( French for "Please reply")
TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More.
WTG - Way To Go

So there you have it,the list of the commn acronyms you make use of or come across and their meaning.

Psychology of Learning Part 1

Learning according to psychologist, is the change in behaviour due to environmental influences. As humans, we live to learn. There is a huge difference in the way we learn things, the simple, yet strange ways a child behaves, are completely different from the complex behaviour of adult - the emotions, skills, habits, character and the rest will sum up what learning has done to adult behaviour.
Humans readily interacts with, or behave in a certain way due to how we perceive our environment. Such act makes us alter the way we interpret the incoming stimuli which make us want to deal with it effectively. So learning can also be a permanent change in behaviour as result of our environment.
First let's look at what the psychology of behaviour tells us.

What is behaviourism
 Behaviourism believes that all actions are learned through conditioning processes. This school of thought is first introduced by prominent psychologist such as John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner. The concept of behaviourism tells us that all behaviour are learned. Learning can occur to associations or occur to Rewards and Punishments. For example, if a teacher rewards a student with good grades and praise in front of a class, for been intelligent and of good behaviour - as a result, the student is more likely to continue to exhibit good behaviour in order to be rewarded.
The psychology of learning dwells on a variety of topics relating to how the changes in human behaviour is learned.
Types of Learning
  • Verbal learning. This learning process is about the things we do - like, how we talk, walk, speak, pictures, figures, learning materials and methods and others.
  • Learning by Discriminating. In this type of learning, the ability to differentiate between stimuli and response is referred to as discrimination learning. For example, an aircraft is built with different sections that include: first-class section, business-class, and economy class.
  • Motor skills learning. In our daily lives, a lot of the activities we engaged in required the use of muscular capacity - people learn how to do certain things in order to adapt or keep a regular lifestyle. For example, dancing, running, driving, diving, skating, climbing, hiking and so on.
  • Problem solving (learning). This is the most important aspect of learning. This act involves the use of cognitive thinking, observing, reasoning and others. The major key is to have the ability to overcome and solve complex problems faced by some people.
  • Learning by orientation. This act of learning involves higher mental processes and it includes; reasoning, intelligence, thinking, imagining, observing etc. We have different stages where we learn by orientation - from childhood to teenage-hood to adulthood. For instance, when we come across an object or a concept we are familiar with, we become inquisitive and seek to understand and learn. This learning process is essential for identifying things, seeking, and recognising the truth.
Learning Conditioning
One of the basic principles of how learning affects behaviour is gotten from the theories of learning. This include; classical conditioning, operant conditioning, observational learning process, visual learning and Trial and error learning.

Data bundles and activation codes of Network providers in Nigeria

This is a list of all the data bundles provided by Network providers with their activation codes and respective prices. This will help you decide which network to choose and the data bundle that suits your Internet browsing capacity.

This articles covers all the major network providers in Nigeria,MTN,Etisalat,Glo and Airtel.
MTN data bundles and activation codes

Daily Plans
30mb for #100:Dial *104# or text 104 to 131 and you'll get 30mb of data that last for 24hours.
100mb for #200:Dial *113# or text 113 to 131.Similar to the #100 plan,this plan also lasts for 24hours.

Weekly Plan
750mb for #500:You can get access to this plan by dialing *103# or sending 103 to 131.This plan lasts for a period of 7 days.

Monthly Plans
1GB for #1,000:This is by far the most affordable data plan of all MTN monthly plans,subscribe to this plan by dialing *106# or better still send 106 to 131.

3.5GB for #2,000:If you think 1GB will not be enough for your Internet dealings dial *110# or text 110 to 131 to subscribe to this plan.It lasts for a period of 30 days.

10GB for #5,000:Subscribe to this plan by dialing *116# ot text 116 to 131
22GB for #10,000:Currentlty,this is the highest data plan MTN seems to offer,subscribe to this plan that lasts for 30 days by dialing *117# or text 117 to 131.

Note: To check balance of all data plans text 2 to 131.
Etisalat Data bundles and activation codes

Daily plan
10mb for #100:This plan offers you with which last for 24hours,dial *229*3*1#

Weekend plan
1GB for #500:This plan becomes active from 11:59pm Friday through 11:59pm Sunday.To subscribe simply dial *5995*2#.

Monthly plan
1.5GB for #1,000:This plan lasts for 30 days and offers you 3.5GB,dial *229*2*7# to subscribe to this plan.
3.5GB for #2,000:Dial *229*2*8# to get 3.5GB for #2000 or text AND2 to 229
5GB for #6,500:This plan offers you 5GB which lasts for 30 days,simply dial *229*2*3# or text MB5 to 229.
8GB for #8,000:Activate this plan by dialing *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229.

Monthly plan
30GB for #27,500:This plan lasts for a period of 90 days,dial *229*5*1# or text 4M to 229 to activate plan.

60GB for #55,000:This plan lasts for a period of 4months,purchase by diailng *229*5*2# or text 6M to 229.
To check data balance,simply dial *228#
Glo data bundles and activation codes

Daily plans
30mb for #50:Dial *127*14# to activate plan.This plan is just for 24 hours.
100mb for #100:Glo offers you 100mb for #100 when you dial *127*51#,this plan is also for 24 hours.

3-day plan
200mb for #200:You get 300mb which lasts for 3days when you dial *127*56#.

Weekly plan
1GB for #500:You get 1024mb worth of data which lasts for 7 days when you dial *127*57#

Night/Weekend plan
1GB for #200:For lovers of night browsing this plan is the best for you,activate by dialing *127*60#
3GB for #500:Dial *127*61# to enjoy 3GB of data all through the weekend.

Monthly plans
2GB for #1000:Dial *127*53# to get 2GB of data that lasts for 30 days.
6GB for #2000:Activate plan by dialing *127*55#.Validity period for plan is 30 days.

10GB for #2,500:This plan also has a validity of 30 days,dial *127*58# to get 10GB for 2,500.
18GB for #4,000:Get 18GB worth of data by dialing *127*59#.
24GB for #5,000:I'll recomend this plan for heavy internet users,dial *127*2# to activate plan.
48GB for #8,000:Dial #127*1# to activate plan.This plan last for 30 days also.
You can check data balance when you text Info to 127.

Airtel data bundles and activation codes

Daily plan
30mb for #100:This is the least of all airtel plans.Just dial *410# to activate plan,lasts for 24hours.

3-day plan
750mb for #500:Enjoy 750mb a week at the rate of #500,simply dial *418#.

Monthly plan
1.5GB for #1,000:Dial *496# to activate this 30-day plan.
3.5GB for #2,000:Activate plan by dialing *437# and get 3.5GB valid for 30 days.

5GB for #2,500:Airtels offers you 5GB for 5,000 and the plan lasts for 30 days.Dial *437*1# to activate plan.
7GB for #3,500:Subscribe to this plan by dialing *438#.This plan also lasts for 30days.

To check Airtel data balance dial *141*712*0#,*141*11*0# or *123*10#
There you have it,the data plans and codes of all network providers in Nigeria.

Easy Way To Transfer Money Using An ATM

Many do not know the ATM card can be used for many things and not only to withdraw cash,you can make bill payments,get mini statement of account and even make balance enquiry.

All ATM transactions are performed with the use of either a debit or credit card which allows the card holder to perform banking transaction without a teller in some cases.

I know how it feels when you have to stay for several minutes,even hours sometimes on the queue so as to transfer money to a friend,family or business partner,Instead of wasting precious time on that queue,you can make the transfer with your ATM card.
Here is a quick guide on how to make cash transfer with your ATM.

You'll need;
An ATM card
To be be on Automated Teller Machine

What to do;
At your bank ATM terminal,insert your debit or credit card into the machine.

Enter your PIN.
Select the option "transfer money" or "send money".
Enter the bank account number of the beneficiary.
Make a selection of the type of transfer you want to make. For instance GTbank(your account) to Access Bank(recipient account).

Select the type of account you operate and that of the beneficiary. That is you choose between savings,current or fixed account.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer.In few seconds time,the beneficiary account name,number and amount will be displayed on the screen.Select "proceed" if the information is correct.

If the transaction is successful,you'll get a congratulatory message and details of the transaction performed.
Note:Inter bank transfer charges between #100 and #200 but transfer between the same bank is free.  

Watford wins Man United 3 - 1

It seems Jose Mourinho's vision to make Man United the World's most feared club is still a dream.Following a transfer outlay of £150million (over £100million for Paul Pogba alone) before the league started,Man Unites has lost three consecutive games to Man city,Feyernord and Watford.


Man United was beaten by Watford about 30 years ago,so you might start to wonder if Mourinho has joined the league of coaches who break negative records just like his predecessors David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.Despite a equaliser from Rashford,goals from Suniga,Etienne Capoue and a penalty by Deeney successfully secured three points for watford.

Twenty minutes into the game play,Ighalo and Deeney tried the goal keeper but it wasn't long before the first goal of the game was conceived.Martail collected the balled after a corner kick,controlled the ball well even though he was well tackled and passed the ball to Capoue who calmly shot the ball into the net.

At the end of the first half,Old Trafford club was left frustrated because Watford's playing tactics with Deeney and Ighalo pressing Man United wingers worked fine.At the start of the second half,slight changes have been made in Man United's formation,Rashford and Rooney concentrated on playing at the centre and it paid off in the 62nd minute when Rashford scored after some good skills by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In the 84th minute,Zuniga scored the second goal of the day for Watford.Few minutes later,Fellaini committed a foul in Man United's box 18 and Watford's Captain Deeney did not waste in adding one more goal to the two they scored already.

See Photos of Linda Ikeji’s New Office

Recently it was rumored that Linda Ikeji the blogger mogul have rented an office that said to cost 10 million a year. well we now got an Intel and we are happy to bring you the photos of Linda luxurious office. see below photos:-



Photos: Checkout The Naked Donald Trump Statue Erected in New York Park

Naked statue of Donald Trump appeared in New York's park.  Horrifying and amusingly onlookers take selfie with the life-size replica of the Republican presidential nominee. this statue is said to have  popped up in Union Square Park on Thursday afternoon.
The artwork – entitled “The Emperor Has No Balls”,left passers-by in fits of giggles.
More Photos:



10 Proven Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

Sometimes many people just feel very nervous and anxious during a performance, public speaking or just anything that needs to bring them
 out. Stage fright is a persistent fear or phobia which may be aroused in an individual by fear or anxiety. it often occurs merely on anticipating the program or event for a long period of time.  Signs may be pounding hearts, sweaty hands, shaky hands or legs, shaky voice or even dizziness. It is important that we are able to work with our fright and deal with these situations. Most people are able to overcome theirs within few minutes and regain composure and for others, it’s a lot worse. So then, how do we overcome stage fright?

Having to go through the first five minutes of any presentation is the major focus. With this you can stabilize yourself and have a great finish.

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Relax your body: relaxing the body before the big event helps to reduce tension and panic. Before getting on that stage or getting up to spoken be sure to give your mind a little ease. This way, facing the people gets a little easier.

Get to the venue in time: be sure to go earlier to the venue of your event. With this it is easier to get familiar with your environment and visualize things. In doing this, you might not get all worked up.

Shift your focus from yourself and your fears to the real purpose. Avoid creating weird imaginations in your mind as this can aggravate fear.

During speech presentation, try as much as possible not to run fast on your words. Keep calm and speak a little slowly. This way you can easily regain composure and overcome the fears within.

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Think positively,  avoid those things that brings distractions and speak as if you are speaking to a friend. this way you would be more convincing.

Don’t forget to give yourself and your audience the benefit of your smile. Smile works wonder when addressing the public. It may not be so pronounced but make it convincing to you. This makes you a little more relaxed especially when your audience tends to smile back at you.

Breathe and relax your mind. It may seem like a little piece of advice but it’s amazing when you are able to control your breath.  You can go over taking deep breathes for at least three times for 10seconds each just before mounting the stage or getting you to speak especially on impromptu cases and most times for anxious people.

Practice as much as possible before that day and as they say, practice makes perfect. This way you are able to see yourself as an expert when it comes to the topic in focus especially.

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At this point, you do not pin point your mistakes or let them get to you. Its only normal if you make errors. Do not concentrate on them.
Even when things seem to go wrong, Just concentrate on having a better end.

 Stage fright is not what we fight,  we work with them and when we conquer, we boost our self esteem.

Manchester United sign Paul Pogba from Juventus for £100m

Manchester United have completed the world-record £100 million signing of 23 year old Paul Pogba. Pogba who has been termed as the world's most in-demand midfield talent arrives from Juventus, to rejoin Manchester United, the club that he left for next to nothing in 2012. Pogba, is expected to wear the No 6 shirt and has signed a £290,000-per-week, five-year contract to work under Jose Mourinho. There is also the option to extend for a further year.

On their twitter page Manchester United wrote: Manchester United is delighted to announce that Paul Pogba has completed his transfer from Italian club Juventus. Paul joins on a five-year contract, with the option to extend for a further year. Paul, 23, has been with Juventus for four seasons, making 124 appearances and scoring 28 goals.

He joined the Bianconeri from United in 2012. The midfielder has been capped by France on 38 occasions, scoring 6 goals and was a member of the recent squad that reached the final of Euro 2016. Paul Pogba said:

“I am delighted to rejoin United. It has always been a club with a special place in my heart and I am really looking forward to working with José Mourinho. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Juventus and have some fantastic memories of a great club with players that I count as friends. But I feel the time is right to go back to Old Trafford. I always enjoyed playing in front of the fans and can’t wait to make my contribution to the team. This is the right club for me to achieve everything I hope to in the game.”

José Mourinho said:

“Paul is one of the best players in the world and will be a key part of the United team I want to build here for the future. He is quick, strong, scores goals and reads the game better than many players much older than he is. At 23, he has the chance to make that position his own here over many years. He is young and will continue to improve; he has the chance to be at the heart of this club for the next decade and beyond.”

Daily Mail claims he was signed for £100m BBC claims he was signed for £89m The Guardian claims he was signed for £93.2m
Wow wat a sum, gud for him.

Source: Howng

Marriage Vows Are Not Nursery Rhymes,They are Sacred!- Betty Irabor Says

 Publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, who has been married to her husband, Soni Irabor for 34 years, took Facebook page to advise women to take their marriage vows seriously. According to her. What she wrote below

"What's in a vow? Two weeks ago, I had arthroscopy and as always, my hubby was by my side; just as he was always there through out my ante-natal days and two deliveries. Ask him what hour my children were born and he would give you the minute by minute details. He would have been in the theater for the arthroscopy if he was allowed. Before I was wheeled in, we goofed around and took pictures. 


He made me laugh so much that all anxiety vanished. As I momentarily looked back on the day Soni and I exchanged vows "to love each other for better for worse, in sickness and in health" I realised that many couples have no idea of the weight of those vows until one of the two partners faces some physical, mental, financial and emotional setback. And then that moment when it dawns on you that your marriage was founded on convenience. In sickness and in health!? What does that even mean? I know of a man who moved into the guest room the moment his wife was diagnosed with cancer leaving her to travel that bleak journey alone. 

I know of women whose husbands cannot even be reached when their wives go into labour...I know of women who bail out of their marriages because their husband's biz took a nose dive..."for better for worse?" Right? As I was wheeled back into my room, there he was... His face a mix of anxiety and an assuring smile!! Like most young ladies, I was starry eyed when I took my vows, they were just vows; I was getting married and hoped to live happily ever after. 

The truth is, those vows are not some nursery rhymes you repeat after the priest or pastors,they are sacred! Your marriage will depend on them! Don't utter them unless you're ready to live true to them. Taking those vows in front of 500 applauding guests is not the same as renewing them everyday in front of that one person to whom the vow was uttered. Life happens. We can't avoid that. But give your marriage the best shot. Don't give up on each other too soon. Don't forget those vows. Hold them dear to your heart. In all of our journey together Soni and I have found ourselves under the umbrella of His grace! Our latter years shine even more than the former. We bless God!

You are a total failure -Kano APC Chieftain to Mr. President

Kano state factional chairman of APC , Hussaini Mairiga spoken to newsmen yesterday and has described Mr. President as a complete failure and a disappointment to Nigerians generally. According to Vanguard,he said

"From the looks of things, President Buhari betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses who voted for him massively into power.” he said

According to him, one year after assuming office, President Buhari and d members of his cabinets have nothing to show for it. He said hunger and starvation is widespreading in Nigeria like never before as most families cannot feed once a day more much three times a day. He said that while a bag of rice now sold for N16, 000,the  prices of other essentials commodities had doubled and tripled. Mairiga accused Mr. Presidnt ministers and aides of lying to him about the true state of Nigeria.

Thiefs Hand Chopped Off By Vigilante Store Owner In Rio

Due to the Olympics in Rio, their were so many panicking  about the city's reputation for violence/crime and it is so living up to that reputation.Confirming the panics is a disturbing video posted online showing a man in pain in the pool of his own blood after his hand was amputated . Details of how the man met such a fate is not certain  but reports has it that he is thief and was attacked with a machete by a vigilante shop owner.

Other reports suggests that the man had been attacked by a rival criminal for operating on his 'zone'. Rio Police have started  investigating the incident. Reports have it the man attemptted to steal from a shop in Porto Alegre but was caught in the act by the shop owner who chopped off his hand with a machete. Local media also says the man has a criminal record.

He is said to have been taken to hospital and is understood to be in a stable condition.

Budget padding: EFCC now extends investigation to Senate

As the budget padding issue in the House of Reps continues, EFCC operatives has decided to extended its investigations to the Senate's committee on Appropriation. 

One member of the House of Reps, Abdulmumin Jibrin who was last month relieved of his duties as Chairman, House Committee on Appropriation, had petitioned the antigraft agency over allegations of budget padding.
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