Inter-communal relationship

Communities should develop good relations among themselves so as to prevent iner communal clashes and conflicts which leads to the destruction of lives and properties.
Their have been many unavoidable inter-communual clashes in Nigeria as a result of poor communication among contending communities as well as failure to resolve issues and disagreement peacefully.

        Inter-communal relationship is the interaction between individuals, groups or organisations common aspiration. It involves the sharing of accommodation, goods,services,beliefs,religion,geographical boundaries or space,political and traditional matters etc..

These are the common importance of Inter-communal relationship

  • Provision of peace and harmony
  • Promotion of development
  • Enhance security of Lives and properties
  • Promotion of commercial and business activities
  • Promotion of inter-cultural ties

  • Unity and cooperation 

Human Rights

Human rights are privileges inherent to all human beings,whatever the nationality,place of residence,sex,national or ethnic origin,colour,religion,language,or any other status.Human rights are basic to society.fundamental human right are written in the constitution of each country found in the world.

     Characteristics of human rights

Inheritability and non prescription of human rights
Universality ofbhuman rights
Particularity of human rights
Relativity of human rights
Inalienability of human rights
Fundamentalism of human rights
Interdependence, interrelatatedness and indivisibility of human rights
Constitutionalism of human rights
Equal and non discriminatory
Human rights are both rights and obligations
Expansively of human rights 

There are instances where these fundamental human rights can be limited or restrained.This can happen in war, state of emergency being declared,law of trespass ...etc.

Cultism in Nigeria

 Pyrate confraternity was the first secret cult formed in Nigeria by a group of students namely whole Soyinka,Ralph Opara,Sylvanus Egbuchie,Nathaniel Oyelola,Pius Oleghe,Olumuyilwa Awe,AIG Imakhuede..etc.In 1952 in the university of Ibadan.It was formed in good faith to fight colonialism,tyranny and oppression of students by school authorities.

Government policies on cultism

  1.  Enacting enabling laws proscribing cultism and other secret societies
  2. Newly admitted students are made to take oath not to belong to any secret cult
  3. Prosecution and sentencing to jail terms those found guilty and of any cult related activities.
  4. Public enlightenment campaign against cultism
  5. Government enhanced security presence in schools and colleges 

Names of some popular cult group
Pyrate confraternity
Eiye confraternity (National association of air lords)
Supreme vikings
Black Axe
Klu klu Klan (k.k.k)
Black queens
Daughters of Jezebel
The Maphites
Black scorpions
The vikings
The Trojan horse...etc

Members of cult are called cultists. They have signs and symbols which are used to represent their group.


Nationalism is a strong feeling of love which people make to serve and identify with the progress of the nation and to defend one's nation.It involves promoting the interest of the nation rather than that of a region,state,religion or ethnic group.

     A nationalist is a person who is patriotic and who seeks to promote the interest of the nation. Nationalists are selfless people who sacrifice their interest and comfort in fighting for the nations indepence.
   Examples of great Nationalists In Africaincludes
Herbert Macaulay (1864-1946)
Dr.Nnmadi Azikiwe (1904-1996)
Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987)
Sir Tarawa Balewa (1912-1966)
Sir Ahmadu bello
Dr.Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972)
Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
Chief Anthony Enahoro(1923-2010)
 Others include Desmond Tutu,Mrs.Fumilayo Ransome kuti,Margaret Ekpo,Julius Nyerere,Kenneth Kaunda...etc

Top 15 Nickelodeon movies

Nickelodeon is a television network based in new York.Mainly into kids "stuffs"...also exciting for teens and adults.

Their top 15 movie are;

  1. Spongebob
  2. Henry danger 
  3. Loud house
  4. Game shakers
  5. Nicky Ricky Ricky and Dawn
  6. The thundermans
  7. Sanjay and Craig
  8. Bella and the bull dogs
  9. School of rock
  10. Hunted Hathaway
  11. Harvey beaks 
  12. Make it pop
  13. Rabbids: invasion
  14. Poppixie
  15. Pig goat banana cricket 

New dangerous Rubber rice

It has been discovered that Thailand people now produce rubber rice...we should all be on the look out.
  The rubber rice said to be produced using cellophane the cellophane is put into a machine which grinds it mixed with water and other harmful chemicals and a thick hot substance is generated which is stretched and then cut into rice.

Rubber rice
These rice is said to be produced using various brand names and product names.The general public is here by advised to be extra vigilant.
Rubber rice
Especially Nigerians since the current recession being experienced is making foodstuffs costlier and we might want to source for cheaper goods.

Youth empowerment

Youths all over the world account for the most vibrant,energetic and production segment of the population which should be harnessed properly to contribute to the development of the society.
  There are youth empowerment skills which are capabilities, abilities or special competence which youth have in special discipline may be practical theoretical or managerial. Youth should endeavour to acquire some of the following skills so that they can be better individuals who can contribute to the development of the society

Communication skills

Intellectual skills

Artistic skills

Self-esteem skills

Manipulative skills

Life coping skills

Some the importance of youth empowerment skills are

  1. It is a source of income which enable youths to break away from poverty 
  2. It makes us responsible people which can make us perform our duties and obligations to the society.
  3. It helps youths to make good use of their time instead of them to be idle 
  4. It prepares youth for future challenges weather financially intellectually or socially 
  5. Through youth empowerment people can discover their talent abilities and gifts.

Educational quote

A few educational quotes

  • It is very interesting,but it is relevant.
  • There are no poor students only poor teachers.
  • A little learning is a dangerous thing 
  • To get a good job get a good education 
  • Show me a troubled child and I will show you a troubled home

  • I don't teach history,I teach children 
  • The kids were just great not a sound out of them
  • Teachers are born not made
  • Spare the rod and spoil the child 
  • Open a school and you will close a prison 
  • Education is power
  • This will all make sense to you later on
  • Geometry teacher you how to think
  • What a kid needs is motivation
  • Teach the whole child 
  • There is no such thing as a bad question only bad answers.

Behaviours exhibited by drug addicts

Drug abuse is commonly referee to as the use of drugs through self medication or without due medical prescription or administration.


The common behaviours exhibited by drug addicts are

-Increased absenteeism from work

-Aggressive behaviour

-Dropping out of school

-Strained relationship with others

-Violation of the law

-Unkept appearance

-Unexplainable need for money or financial problem

-Engaging in secretive or suspicious behaviour


-Loss of memory




Responsilble parenthood

Responsible parenthood refers to a situation whereby a parent dutifully performs his or her social roles as a parent to his is also the will and the ability of parents to respond to the needs and aspirations of the family.It is also referred to as the shared responsibility of the husband and wife to determine and achieve the desired number,spacing and timing of their children according to their own family life aspirations taking into to account their psychological preparedmess, health status,socio-cultural and economical concern.

There are several roles of responsible parenthood which included;

  1. Training 
  2. Education
  3. Provision of basic needs 
  4. Medical care
  5. Security and protection love and care 
  6. Mutual respect
  7. Building self esteem
The importance of responsible parenthood includes 
Prosperity at old age 
  1. Fulfilled life 
  2. Responsible citizenry
  3. Reduction in crime rate and safety of citizens
  4. Preservation of cultural values and traditions
  5. It prepares children for married life 
  6. Education that guarantees employment 
  7. Healthy citizens 

Proper parenting is the key to nation building .

Managing school life with business and love relationship

Most people who are in school also engage in a love relationship and a few also have their private business, but they don't know how to cope with all at a time.
 Here are a few tips that might help:
-Don't mix them up:When you are in school,you should focus on school activities at that moment, likewise the others.
-Solve your problems as soon as possible: When you have problems with any of them try to resolve that problem as quickly as you can so it won't be so difficult on you
-Have a schedule: Always have a time schedule for everything just as school has their time table...ensure you also make up time for your love.
-Share your problem/situation: Always find someone to share your problems with carrying it alone isn't a good idea and can be quite a burden to bear.
-Control your emotions: If you have any form of disappointment in any of the aspects, be it in the business or school, learn to control your emotions so they don't affect the other areas.
    Having a comfortable and understanding partner in a relationship/business is also a good idea.

Traffic regulations in Nigeria

The following are the main traffic regulations in Nigeria:

  1. Registration of vehicles with the appropriate authorities e.g lincesing office.
  2. Obeying traffic officials like the federal road safety officials,traffic wardens,etc.
  3. Avoiding over speeding I.e driving within the speed limit for different type of roads.
  4. Driving should avoid drunk driver.The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05%.Any person driving under the influence of alcoholic drinknor drug may be improsend for two years.
  5. All the drivers must posses a valid driver's license which is issued by the FRSC.
  6. Stopping pedestrian to cross when you see a zebra crossing sign (a solid yellow or white line painted on a road).
  7. Traffic signs and lights must be obeyed e.g one way, no parking etc..   Light
  8. No person should park his vehicle in a public place in such a way that it causes danger, obstruction or inconvenience to other road users.
  9. No person drivingna motor vehicle shall allow any person to stand or sit on anything to be placed in such a manner as to hamper the driver or lose control of vehicle.
  10. No driver should be mentally or physically unfitbwhen driving.
  11. Drivers should not overtaken in a bend.
  12. Persons under 18years are not permitted to drive.
  13. Trafficking moves on the right side of the road,while overtaking is on the left side.
  14. While driving,making phone calls are prohibited if cell phone does not have a hands free system.
  15. Driving a right hand vehicles is not permitted.
  16. A fire extinguisher nis required to be present in every vehicle.
  17. Driving vehicle with doors left open is prohibited.
  18. Driving a vehicle with a defective number plate is illegal.
  19. Driving and parking on the walkway and curbs is not permitted.
  20. Always have a spare tyre in your car.
  21. Make good use of your bumper stickers to help other motorist see your car at night.
  22. Knowledge of the roadnsign e.g traffic signs, road and pavement marking asnwell as the Highway Code.
  23. Overloading na vehicle with passengers and goods is prohibited.
Idoms and idiomatic expressions

Idoms and idiomatic expressions

Idioms and meaning 
Green with envy- very envious

Hold your head high- Be proud

No mistake- without any doubt

Given us hell- Caused us a lot of worry and distress

Off his head- very,very upset

Like a cat on hot bricks- In a very restless state

Get out of bed on the wrong side- Be bad tempered from early morning

Down in the mouth- Unhappy

In a brown study- Thinking very hard so as to notice nothing else

Going through his head- What he was thinking

A bear with a sore head- Looked very I'll and unhappy

Feel down- feel unhappy

Full of beans- lively and energetic

Walking on air- Delighted

His head in the cloud- paying no attention to people or things around him and dreaming about his own future.

In seventh heaven- Extremely happy.

Study tips

Studying before tests or exams  can be stressful and uninteresting ...These few tips can be of help

*Grades are just letters- Stop thinking about classes in terms of grades and degrees. Think of school as just one facet of the larger self-education in your life.

*Review and revise-At least once a week you should go back over the things you've studied in class.Thinking things over can help you to understand the concepts and help you remember when you need them the most.

*Discover your learning style-Most of us have a preferred way of learning. Get to know your learning style and study in the ways you learn best.

*Study every day-If you study a little bit everyday you'll be continually reviewing things in your also help to avoid stress of last minute cramming.

*Teach it-Find someone and explain it to them or discuss about it with someone. Nothing forces you to learn better.

*Burn off stress- party,mediate,socialize,whatever you need to do to relax.Being in a depressed state won't help your studies,so have fun and find balance.

*Use mnemonics (memory aids)-Re-arrange the information in a sequence that's meaningful to you.For example, if one wants to remember the notes of a treble clef in lines in music,remember the mnemonic Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge=E,G,B,D,F.


A blessed country
Filled with numerous opportunities
A land of agricultural abundance
Where her people is immersed in heavenly wisdom
A country mesmerized by crude oil and natural mineral resources
Her people are endowed with great skills in all dimensions
Her rivers are soft and flow with great power
Her dry lands are fertile
Her leaders are courageous and lead by examples
Her warriors gain victory in every battle fought
Her customs and tradition displays the true African culture
Oh! Nigeria a blessed country.
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