See Photos of Linda Ikeji’s New Office

Recently it was rumored that Linda Ikeji the blogger mogul have rented an office that said to cost 10 million a year. well we now got an Intel and we are happy to bring you the photos of Linda luxurious office. see below photos:-



Photos: Checkout The Naked Donald Trump Statue Erected in New York Park

Naked statue of Donald Trump appeared in New York's park.  Horrifying and amusingly onlookers take selfie with the life-size replica of the Republican presidential nominee. this statue is said to have  popped up in Union Square Park on Thursday afternoon.
The artwork – entitled “The Emperor Has No Balls”,left passers-by in fits of giggles.
More Photos:



10 Proven Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

Sometimes many people just feel very nervous and anxious during a performance, public speaking or just anything that needs to bring them
 out. Stage fright is a persistent fear or phobia which may be aroused in an individual by fear or anxiety. it often occurs merely on anticipating the program or event for a long period of time.  Signs may be pounding hearts, sweaty hands, shaky hands or legs, shaky voice or even dizziness. It is important that we are able to work with our fright and deal with these situations. Most people are able to overcome theirs within few minutes and regain composure and for others, it’s a lot worse. So then, how do we overcome stage fright?

Having to go through the first five minutes of any presentation is the major focus. With this you can stabilize yourself and have a great finish.

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Relax your body: relaxing the body before the big event helps to reduce tension and panic. Before getting on that stage or getting up to spoken be sure to give your mind a little ease. This way, facing the people gets a little easier.

Get to the venue in time: be sure to go earlier to the venue of your event. With this it is easier to get familiar with your environment and visualize things. In doing this, you might not get all worked up.

Shift your focus from yourself and your fears to the real purpose. Avoid creating weird imaginations in your mind as this can aggravate fear.

During speech presentation, try as much as possible not to run fast on your words. Keep calm and speak a little slowly. This way you can easily regain composure and overcome the fears within.

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Think positively,  avoid those things that brings distractions and speak as if you are speaking to a friend. this way you would be more convincing.

Don’t forget to give yourself and your audience the benefit of your smile. Smile works wonder when addressing the public. It may not be so pronounced but make it convincing to you. This makes you a little more relaxed especially when your audience tends to smile back at you.

Breathe and relax your mind. It may seem like a little piece of advice but it’s amazing when you are able to control your breath.  You can go over taking deep breathes for at least three times for 10seconds each just before mounting the stage or getting you to speak especially on impromptu cases and most times for anxious people.

Practice as much as possible before that day and as they say, practice makes perfect. This way you are able to see yourself as an expert when it comes to the topic in focus especially.

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At this point, you do not pin point your mistakes or let them get to you. Its only normal if you make errors. Do not concentrate on them.
Even when things seem to go wrong, Just concentrate on having a better end.

 Stage fright is not what we fight,  we work with them and when we conquer, we boost our self esteem.

Manchester United sign Paul Pogba from Juventus for £100m

Manchester United have completed the world-record £100 million signing of 23 year old Paul Pogba. Pogba who has been termed as the world's most in-demand midfield talent arrives from Juventus, to rejoin Manchester United, the club that he left for next to nothing in 2012. Pogba, is expected to wear the No 6 shirt and has signed a £290,000-per-week, five-year contract to work under Jose Mourinho. There is also the option to extend for a further year.

On their twitter page Manchester United wrote: Manchester United is delighted to announce that Paul Pogba has completed his transfer from Italian club Juventus. Paul joins on a five-year contract, with the option to extend for a further year. Paul, 23, has been with Juventus for four seasons, making 124 appearances and scoring 28 goals.

He joined the Bianconeri from United in 2012. The midfielder has been capped by France on 38 occasions, scoring 6 goals and was a member of the recent squad that reached the final of Euro 2016. Paul Pogba said:

“I am delighted to rejoin United. It has always been a club with a special place in my heart and I am really looking forward to working with José Mourinho. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Juventus and have some fantastic memories of a great club with players that I count as friends. But I feel the time is right to go back to Old Trafford. I always enjoyed playing in front of the fans and can’t wait to make my contribution to the team. This is the right club for me to achieve everything I hope to in the game.”

José Mourinho said:

“Paul is one of the best players in the world and will be a key part of the United team I want to build here for the future. He is quick, strong, scores goals and reads the game better than many players much older than he is. At 23, he has the chance to make that position his own here over many years. He is young and will continue to improve; he has the chance to be at the heart of this club for the next decade and beyond.”

Daily Mail claims he was signed for £100m BBC claims he was signed for £89m The Guardian claims he was signed for £93.2m
Wow wat a sum, gud for him.

Source: Howng

Marriage Vows Are Not Nursery Rhymes,They are Sacred!- Betty Irabor Says

 Publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, who has been married to her husband, Soni Irabor for 34 years, took Facebook page to advise women to take their marriage vows seriously. According to her. What she wrote below

"What's in a vow? Two weeks ago, I had arthroscopy and as always, my hubby was by my side; just as he was always there through out my ante-natal days and two deliveries. Ask him what hour my children were born and he would give you the minute by minute details. He would have been in the theater for the arthroscopy if he was allowed. Before I was wheeled in, we goofed around and took pictures. 


He made me laugh so much that all anxiety vanished. As I momentarily looked back on the day Soni and I exchanged vows "to love each other for better for worse, in sickness and in health" I realised that many couples have no idea of the weight of those vows until one of the two partners faces some physical, mental, financial and emotional setback. And then that moment when it dawns on you that your marriage was founded on convenience. In sickness and in health!? What does that even mean? I know of a man who moved into the guest room the moment his wife was diagnosed with cancer leaving her to travel that bleak journey alone. 

I know of women whose husbands cannot even be reached when their wives go into labour...I know of women who bail out of their marriages because their husband's biz took a nose dive..."for better for worse?" Right? As I was wheeled back into my room, there he was... His face a mix of anxiety and an assuring smile!! Like most young ladies, I was starry eyed when I took my vows, they were just vows; I was getting married and hoped to live happily ever after. 

The truth is, those vows are not some nursery rhymes you repeat after the priest or pastors,they are sacred! Your marriage will depend on them! Don't utter them unless you're ready to live true to them. Taking those vows in front of 500 applauding guests is not the same as renewing them everyday in front of that one person to whom the vow was uttered. Life happens. We can't avoid that. But give your marriage the best shot. Don't give up on each other too soon. Don't forget those vows. Hold them dear to your heart. In all of our journey together Soni and I have found ourselves under the umbrella of His grace! Our latter years shine even more than the former. We bless God!

You are a total failure -Kano APC Chieftain to Mr. President

Kano state factional chairman of APC , Hussaini Mairiga spoken to newsmen yesterday and has described Mr. President as a complete failure and a disappointment to Nigerians generally. According to Vanguard,he said

"From the looks of things, President Buhari betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses who voted for him massively into power.” he said

According to him, one year after assuming office, President Buhari and d members of his cabinets have nothing to show for it. He said hunger and starvation is widespreading in Nigeria like never before as most families cannot feed once a day more much three times a day. He said that while a bag of rice now sold for N16, 000,the  prices of other essentials commodities had doubled and tripled. Mairiga accused Mr. Presidnt ministers and aides of lying to him about the true state of Nigeria.

Thiefs Hand Chopped Off By Vigilante Store Owner In Rio

Due to the Olympics in Rio, their were so many panicking  about the city's reputation for violence/crime and it is so living up to that reputation.Confirming the panics is a disturbing video posted online showing a man in pain in the pool of his own blood after his hand was amputated . Details of how the man met such a fate is not certain  but reports has it that he is thief and was attacked with a machete by a vigilante shop owner.

Other reports suggests that the man had been attacked by a rival criminal for operating on his 'zone'. Rio Police have started  investigating the incident. Reports have it the man attemptted to steal from a shop in Porto Alegre but was caught in the act by the shop owner who chopped off his hand with a machete. Local media also says the man has a criminal record.

He is said to have been taken to hospital and is understood to be in a stable condition.

Budget padding: EFCC now extends investigation to Senate

As the budget padding issue in the House of Reps continues, EFCC operatives has decided to extended its investigations to the Senate's committee on Appropriation. 

One member of the House of Reps, Abdulmumin Jibrin who was last month relieved of his duties as Chairman, House Committee on Appropriation, had petitioned the antigraft agency over allegations of budget padding.

Seriously!! See Bathroom signs at Rio Olympics

 Basketball star Elena Delle Donne shared the above image on Instagram it shows the activities that are not allowed in bathrooms at the Olympic village.
The sign says users are ban from throwing trash in toilets, vomiting in toilets, standing on top of toilets to squat over the bowl, using a fishing rod to try to catch sea life in the toilets hmm this one gat me guessing, who goes fishing in the toilet? lol

Hidden Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Check your sleep hours-

Sleep, nature's call. A very essential ingredient for the body, mind, and heart.  Sleep is a necessity, not  luxury. depriving yourself quality sleep
 hours or having to sleep excessively is not advisable and could be accompanied with certain disorders.

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Health research Institute tells us that sleep is dependent on age and vary significantly amongst individuals. Newly born require about 14 to 17 hours of sleep per day. children, about 10 to 13 hours of sleep. Teens, about 8 to 10 hours adults, 7 to 9 hours daily. Seniors, 6 hours of sleep. Pregnancy could also  be factor  influencing sleep.

Having gone through the required sleep hours for each age category, we  should know why we should not deprive ourselves of sleep or get too much of it.

Lack of sleep can affect the health by

- affecting the levels of our thyroid and stress hormones which may
affect the memory, heart, metabolism and immune system.

-they can increase the risks of heart disease:  this may be as a result of metabolic effects of sleeping and working at unusual hours.

- They increase the risk of cancer: by altering the body's hormonal balance, tumors grow three times faster than normal.

- Increases the risks of diabetes: researchers showed that short term
sleep leaves the brain requesting more carbohydrate since the brain is being fueled by glucose, as such, deprived sleep subjects tend to eat more sweet and  starchy foods rather than vegetables and diary products.  This puts the body in a state where we may need to eat more even without being hungry.

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- Weight gain: lack of sleep decreases the leptin production and triggers ghrelin levels.  This hormones send signals to the brain requesting more food. This can lead to increased weight.

Less than five hours of sleep doubles the risks of heart attacks, strokes, or coronary heart disease.

Sleeping more than necessary us just as bad as lacking sleep.excessive sleeping may lead to
- increased stroke risks in adult to about 46 percent

- increased depression: most times after having to sleep for so long,

you wake up feeling tired, bored and depressed. researchers showed that long sleep duration increases depression symptoms.
- impaired brain functioning: those who sleep excessively run a risk of posing danger to the brain's functioning capacity. The brain
becomes more dormant than usual and may increase the risk of diabetes.

Weight gain: It is no story that sleeping too much can contribute immensely to weight gain by approximately 5kg even after controlling food intake.
- increased heart risks: sleeping excessively can hurt the heart by increasing risks of heart problems, angina and coronary heart disease. Which may lead to early death.

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Excess sleep makes it harder to get pregnant. Research showed that pregnancy rate were highest among women who got 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

By correcting our sleep hours we are able to adjust the body's internal clock.

Trying to shorten sleep hours for later can never sum up to the normal sleep hours. Having sleep distractions is just as bad as lacking sleep. We shouldn’t shorten our sleep time for later, when you’ve got to sleep, sleep properly and for some reasonable hours each night.

5 Things You Do But Was Never Taught

The life of a child they say is like a plain white board, which at conception is plain but after birth starts getting writing on it. This writing refers to the learning ability of the brain (white Board) of the child. He learns from the environment through observation, he learns from parents through demonstration and word of mouth and from friends and family and more especially from peer groups.

However true this is, there are list of things we are never thought but we know how to do perfectly well. Among those list we present top 10 things you were never taught but you learnt. 

1. How to Cry-
This is no doubt one of the foremost human behavior right after birth. nobody thought us how to cry, it came natural, it was the first exhibited behavior even before the chance to meet our parents.

2. How to Sleep-
undoubtedly, sleeping is another human behavior that was never thought but we learned.

3. How to Feed- 
Feeding remains a characteristics of all living things yet, wasn't  thought. 

4. How to Love-
Love comes natural, we are never taught how to love nor hate .


Add to the list using the comment box.

Top 10 Brain Boosting Foods

Eating well is very good for the body, heart health, mental health, the skin as well as the brain. The brain requires nutrients just like the heart and muscles do, so as to function properly.  This is why it is very important to keep the  grey matter healthy.

Eat more tomatoes.  It is evident that lycopene helps prevent the brain cells from radicals damages which results in the development of dementia.  Tomatoes have been shown to contain lycopene and this improves the brain health immensely.

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Almonds: almonds help the bodies fight against inflammations and also improve the mood. Almonds slow down mental decline that comes with ageing and raise the level of serotonin (a neuro-transmitter).

A great source of zinc and magnesium; these two minerals are associated with memory boost as well as lowering depression. A cashew also contains vitamin B which has been shown to improve the mood of women and provides mental energy.

Ginger has been known for its ability to boost memory skills and to focus. Especially in people approaching middle ages.

Dark chocolate contains addictive flavour loaded with poly phenols that can boost the memory level.

Fishes like the salmon, mackerel, tuma and others are rich in great healthy omega 3 fatty acids and DHA ( decosahexaenoic  acid). They are very important for normal functioning of the neurons in the brain. DHA is the brain's most important acid.  By having a  higher level of DHA in the blood, the brain will operate more efficiently. Substitute fish for meat more often in your diets to get a healthy dose. Sea weeds and microalgae supplements are also foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

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Walnuts are good sources of antioxidant, phystosterols and omega 3 fatty acids which has been discovered to boost the brain function and promote brain healing in cases of damages.  They alsocontain vitamin E, foliate and melatonin which are neuroprotective and benefits the brain even more by increasing inferential reasoning in young adults.

Coconut oil.:-

Coconut oil provides the brain with energy by its MCI (medium chain triglycerides) like  the ketones. The body converts this ketones to glucose which is transported to the brain. This helps to restore and renew neurons and nerve functions. Just about 2 table spoons of coconut oil can act against degenerative neurological diseases.

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Eggs and avocado: eggs, especially the yolks are very rich in cholesterol and choline which Is a precursor for acetylcholine, an important component of the brain cells as well as a brain protective anti oxidant. They help us remember things faster. Avocado oil also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Protein rich foods as breakfast can also improve overall cognitive performance.

Vegetables;  vegetables like the lettuce, brocoli,  romain and spinach are rich on zinc, sulfurophane,  vitaminC, E and K as well as potassium and iron for memory boost and they improves cognitive performance.

How To Start A Restaurant Business in Nigeria

With the current huge population of Nigerian population, with its majority are middle starting restaurant business is definitely a lucrative business. Food is a necessity of all humans, we must eat at least two times a day so invariable we must patronize restaurant establishments. With the rapid growth happening inside the food industry, the restaurant company is among the fast growing Business.  This notwithstanding, 5 percent out of every 10 restaurants establishment setup in Nigeria still fails due to so many reasons such as lack of planning and detail analysis of the industry so in this post we will provide necessary information that will help start up a restaurant business and attain success. 


If you want to start a restaurant business in any location in Nigeria then this article is a must for you, as we will provide you with detailed analysis, planning, how to source for food stuff so you should read through because this post will equip you with suggestions that will help you prevent the danger associated with starting a restaurant business that is bound to fail.

Just like every other business in Nigeria, starting a restaurant business still pose some challenges but this challenges can be overcome and overturned to your own favour is you can .

Research and analyze this business
No matter how lucrative a business seems, or no matter the number of testimonies you have heard of a particular business, you should always conduct a detail research, dig deep into the business and know what it take to attain success  in that business. In this business of Restaurant business it will be worth the stress to look before you leap. A business that have constant dealing with people usually is a challenge, human beings is one of the hardest creation to please, in this business you will be dealing with so many types of individuals, those that will want to frustrate you and those that will want to end your business so it’s worth it to research and study how to be crafty in your day to day relation with them. Know if your type is the type that can cope with this business, know the pitfalls and do not before investing.

Get a Business Plan on this business:
The need for a business plan in this business is synonymous to the need of a drug to a sick person. Like every other business to attain success you need to have a well written business plan comprising of the market analysis, practical feasibility report.
Choose a location
Lighting a lamp and putting it under the table is tantamount to not lighting the lamp. So it is for a restaurant business, no matter how good and professional your plan or the actual restaurant is location plays a major rule in the success of this business. In setting up your restaurant business choose a well exposed location. Chose an urban location, a location filled with working class, students or companies, it should be a location with the right market for your business. Chose a location with the higher number of restaurant patronize/customers. 

Choose A Name:
A good name speaks thousands for a business, a good name represents you even when you’re not there, your business name will be the next thing on your customers mind coupled with the great service you offered. So in setting up your business you might want to take time and choose a good business name. Many seem to invest their all in starting up a business but invest nothing in creating a good business name not knowing that a business name says much about your business.
In my previous post on How to create a Unique business name I outlined practically how to create a good and unique business name. If you don’t know how to come up with a good business name then you should read that post.

For example: your hungry and cut up in a new neighbor hold you know nothing about and you needed to eat and ahead you is two good looking restaurants ahead, you having difficulty choosing. Since it’s your first time your will likely judge this restaurant based on their name.  Now one said “Just Eat Restaurant” while the other said “Heaven Served Restaurant” you will probably chose the later as you would love to see why it is called Heavenly served, you would want to be served by heaven.
As simple my example is I hope it served it purpose as I want you to know the impact a good business name can have on your business.

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Register Your Business
After going through the above mentioned steps the next is to register your business, knowing your registered create more trust for your business from your customers. Registration provides customized branding and pose standard thus separating you from other local unbranded restaurant around you thereby keeping you at the top of the ladder in your location. To register your business in Nigeria you register with Cooperate Affair commission (CAC). For more on registration of business name in Nigeria I strongly recommend you read my previous post on How to Register Your Business With CAC .

Setup and Furnish Your Restaurant
Restaurant is usually an option B for many so you should provide the hospitality and comfort option A(homes) could have offered even better and one of the ways to achieve such is through good furnishing and proper arrangement within the restaurant. Create a home outside home through your furnishing, invest in furnishing your restaurant as it will leave a good and lasting impression on your customers and will keep them coming back.

Employ Workers
If you won’t be managing your restaurant yourself, the next step is to employ workers. Note this is a vital aspect in this business, in employing workers employ beautiful/handsome workers with good manners and not the type that will through back or pay back customers for their wrong deeds. It might surprise you that some customers will keep coming back to your restaurant just because your workers are good and friendly. Invariably the opposite can still happen so you might want to decide the own you will pay for.
Never forget to advert your business, no matter how many customers you have in the first day, still invest some token into advertising through effective and available means to you.

Have I missed any point or should I have included something? Please do let us know using the comment box below.

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